Monday, March 08, 2004

"MOTHER F*$CK SON OF A B!TCH!" Otherwise known as "I chipped my tooth"...

Last night, I had my first steak since November... actually, my first beef since November.

So, there I was - chomp chomp chomp. I'd sautéed onions and peppers and mushrooms and zucchini. The steak was from Whole Foods so it wouldn't have MAD COW(!) and all the other icky stuff beef has. I'd even cooked the steak in bites so they'd be like the steak bites in Portland.

It was, as they say, all good.

Halfway through, I bit into the steak. It was on the fork. My teeth touched the fork - they just touched it! - and suddenly the loudest crack I'd ever heard was echoing inside my head and reverberating through my skull!!


I'm talking PAIN here!!

My mouth was stunned and my hands were holding my face. I felt like I broke my jaw! I ran into the bathroom and began to pull things out of my mouth: steak, pepper, a piece of tooth!

In the mirror, I could see one of my front teeth looking all snaggly and warped - splintered up one side.

Okay, I'm better now but it's still there.

So, my question today is, what do I do? I think I should go to the dentist. Am I right on this? I've never chipped a tooth before and I really hope it never happens again!

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