Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Who's the Prick now?!...

Last night. Second to our last rehearsal.

It went relatively smoothly. "Relatively smoothly" means we got through it without stopped but skipped about a quarter of the lines.

Karen and I were really throwing each other around. As I've probably mentioned, I don't deal well with physical violence. (Give me sarcasm! I can deal with that!) Every time I threw Karen around, I could feel her reeling in my head. And every time she yelped in pain, it was a punch to my gut.

And, of course, when she punched me in the gut, it was a punch to my gut.

It was also the first time someone from outside the show saw the show.

Afterwards, this person said to me, "God, you're such a prick!" And I almost started crying.

The problem with being alone, with having no one in the world who loves you, is that makes it hard not to agree.

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